Charly Edsitty loves getting ready in the morning. Building an outfit is an act she relishes. “I don’t want to call it a gift (laughs) but it is fun! There is no right or wrong and an outfit is open to interpretation.” Edsitty’s describes her style as work appropriate-classy with an “element of surprise”.

We met at Songbird Coffee & Tea on Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix. Charly orders a white mocha with a dollop of whip cream, her bubbly personality is engaging company. Bedecked in a feminine stripped dress with a blazer and neon green belt, Edsitty’s outfit makes the work to evening transition seamlessly.

photo (9)

Navajo and originally from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, Edsitty grew up in Glendale, Arizona and attended Baylor University in Texas. She’s lived in New York City and Washington D.C. where she was part of the White House Internship program. It was in the concrete jungle of both areas where she mastered her ability to incorporate her Navajoness into her daily outfit. “Mostly because I would get tired of people thinking I was from another community. So I would always have my turquoise ring or other jewelry on. Which helped start conversations, it was a bonus!”

Much like her experiences Charly’s style is reflective of someone with a keen sense of what is trendy coupled with what works for her. Defining style as one’s “unique spin on fashion”.  She notes both Jaqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe as style icons but equally notes her Grandma’s ability to dress simply with the power to command attention, a conglomerate definitively American.

phonto (2)

The many “tools” which keep Charly running strong. From her light rail passe, static guard, gum, a good pen & paper, touch-up makeup and her clever Betsy Johnson zipper pouches, this lady runs a glam life and is prepared for it all.

Currently the Multimedia Journalist and Producer for 12 News Today Morning Show, Charly maintains a heavy schedule which requires her to be as connected as possible starting in the early morning hours. “I love my job, I get to be creative through a variety of mediums,” explains Edsitty. “I can choose how I decide to run with a story and I am constantly looking at others and how they do their jobs in various formats from magazines, blogs and the news.”

phonto (3)

Whether in her job while covering a story or putting together an outfit Charly notes “it’s all about being confident and commanding attention and rocking it.” Edsitty’s vivacious persona never wanes during our conversation, when asked what final thoughts on style she’d like to share she notes, “Be happy with what you wear as it is an extension of your personality…and the more sparkles the better.”

The Creatives Series highlights the many creative people representing hot style and insane skills in their respective fields. Why not be a stylish nurse or a dapper lawyer? Creativity sustains us all.

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