Presence 4.0 is delighted to share the details of a new venture in partnership with Beyond Buckskin Boutique.  Owner Jessica Metcalfe shared an opportunity for us P4 ladies to “shop” BBB and create looks for followers of both our blogs and supporters of the Boutique. Specified items that we show on presence 4.0 will be available for sale. It is a perfect fusion of two style and fashion entities who want to promote the importance of creating current and contemporary views of American Indians while supporting Native made creativity. As part of an ongoing project, you will see the P4 ladies’ style themselves and other people. Visit http://shop.beyondbuckskin.com/category/p4-x-bbb for more on how to obtain our stylish looks. 

To start off this exciting endeavor, we decided to create a look that incorporated our moccasins for “Rock Your Mocs” Day (November 15th). Each P4 gal wrote about their inspiration for their look below.


My moccasins are possibly the most versatile thing in my closet, I wear them at least once a week! I can dress them up and down, wear them to a business meeting or out dancing. I heart them.

Here, I paired them with a black and white Natural Sea Monster Tunic Dress designed by Alano Edzerza via BBB because it provided a simple (in its color scale) yet complex (in its design) foundation. I also winterized this outfit with a white scarf and black leggings. In keeping with the color scale, I chose Kristen Dorsey’s black Loksi Leather Wrap Bracelet by way of BBB, a couple of thin silver bracelets, and plain black studs to accessorize my look. Add on the red lips and I am good to go!


For the launch of our collaboration with Beyond Buckskin Boutique, I had a fun decision to make: Do I choose the red moccasins with buckskin wraps or the soft black leather mocs? The decision would be fun and tough, as in, clothes-all-over-my-bed tough. But the process of pairing the mocs to my outfits brought a smile to my face. I love that familiar leather smell! Memories of ceremonies and coming-of-age events happily flooded my mind.

So, I settled on my favorite shorts and comfy top to pair with the black mocs for this outfit. This Phoenix morning was a cool 60 degrees at sunrise, but soon it rose to a warmer temperature that didn’t require a sweater. One aspect I do require with my outfit is jewelry; more specifically my Native-made and vintage rings which I chose to pair with BBB’s Kristen Dorsey’s Blood Quantum earrings. I chose the BQ earrings because it is a “conversation starter” (especially with my younger family members) and I admire the artistic insight. The earrings, also, remind me of my nephew- his father is biligaana from Connecticut but he definitely owns his Native awesomeness. Pretty amazing what an outfit of Native-made items can bring about. I’m looking forward to more moments like this with our P4 x BBB collaboration. We hope you enjoy too! ❤


I classify my style as “sophisticated kindergartner” meaning there is some element of sparkly – tactile goodness incorporated into it. I curated this look with the idea of moving from work to evening fun. I love getting ready for the day (or night). My base for the look is one of my fave LBDs (little black dresses). The Mea B’fly earrings I am wearing are PINK, my favorite color and which allow me to incessantly share how much I love my lady crush MaRia Bird, the artist/creator of the piece. Arm candy is a near daily-must and I love rocking my Kristen Dorsey Loksi bracelet, paired with the fun David Sloan Diné Bizaad bandanna, the look is nothing to be messed with.

I am a firm believer of downsizing when moving from work to night and this can only be achieved by carry a fierce clutch. This nude beauty is one scored in the vintage district here in Phoenix. It is fun to finish the look with the same wrap-around moccasins I wore during my Kinaalda ceremony. They were made by my late Nalí and in some places you can still see the ałkaan (Navajo cake) on them. They are a beautiful reminder of my connection to my family. I am so excited to share my next style outfit and thank Jessica for her willingness to work with us presence 4.0 ladies on this project.

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