Left to right: Chelsea Chee, Nanibaa Beck and Jaclyn Roessel

presence 4.0 was born a year ago today. It has provided us an opportunity to meet so many wonderfully gifted individuals and given us the chance to share the style of American Indian people today. All of these meet-ups have fueled the work each of us (co-founders) pursues in our daily lives.

We are thankful to you, our many supporters, for being a part of the journey with us. Enjoy this opportunity to get to know us a little more and look forward to more…we’re only getting started.

How did you all meet?

JR: I met Nanibaa during our undergrad years at Arizona State University. Initially, at a fry bread sale, not sure if she remembers it. But we didn’t start being friends until we were involved in the same American Indian student organizations a year or so later. That was back in the early 2000s.  I met Chelsea at Santa Fe Indian Market last year through Nani and loved her immediately.

CC: I can’t remember when I met Nanibaa but it’s been years. 2012 rekindled our friendship and introduced me to Jaclyn. Thank you 2012 for bringing these two wonderful ladies into my life and starting this new journey with them.

NB: I met Jaclyn at ASU but our paths were meant to cross at some point. We have mutual love for Native arts and culture and our immediate families knew one another. And, I have mutual friends with Chelsea but fate wanted us to meet again. I love the ebb and flow of what life presents to us.

What has been your favorite P4 moment this year?

JR: Our first public event in partnership with Beyond Buckskin Boutique was amazing. It was remarkable so many people wanted to take part in our fashion show. Planning events for a living, my worst fear is no one will come …so having 200 people attend blew my mind!

CC: When I shot a photo of the first street profile (Wacey), I instantly felt a spark of excitement for what was to come and I knew he was the person and photo meant to be P4’s first feature.

NB: When our blog went live one year ago. It was an simple and fun concept conceived over delicious New Mexican food. Then our multiple phone conversations became a tangible project to connect various types of Native people.

 Who are your style icons?

JR: Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy are my guide posts. Though my style is more playful, I love the lady-like classicism of their looks. Dresses are practically my uniform and they both knew how to rock a dress.

CC: I love Coco Chanel, she was a force to be reckoned with. She pushed boundaries and had amazing style – simple yet complex.

NB:I don’t have style icons, per se. The purpose of style for me is to enhance me on that particular day. At the moment, I do enjoy the effortless and classic styles of Audrey Tautou and the Olsen Twins. But Iris Apfel has a totally unique approach to layering her jewelry that I adore.

P4 has partnered with Beyond Buckskin Boutique recently, which pieces do you wish you could take home if money was no object?

JR: I am lusting after the White Crossbody Bag by Jamie Okuma. It is a serious accessory. I would take it with me on my business lunch dates and out to dinner. Nobody would dare mess with me!

CC: The second I saw Kristen Dorsey’s Diamond Barnacle Necklace with black diamonds, multiple outfits flashed through my my mind. I’d say that’s a good sign!

NB: This is a hard question. I lust after an outfit made by Bethany Yellowhair and anything made by the Gaussoin family. At present, my eye is on Kristen Dorsey’s Spiral Gorget. I imagine the way the necklace would float on my neck. It looks that dreamy.

 Which stylish Native would be your dream style profile?

JR: I would love to highlight my three Masanís (maternal grandmothers) in a feature…they make me who I am but they are also very camera shy. Making it a feat to pull this off.

CC: Everyone!

NB: Female Native jewelers. They create such amazing pieces but have a beautiful awareness to the differences of between fashion, style, artist life and the art market from which it is all nurtured.

Where do you think P4 will be in four years?

JR: I think having a team which covers different parts of the country would be an excellent expansion of what we do. But in all, I think as long as we are still having fun and meeting new creative people, I’ll be happy.

CC: A worldwide team, there are Indigenous peoples everywhere! Haha, just kidding. Whatever it is, as long as we are having fun and enjoying what we do is all I ask.

NB: In terms of activities that will be taking place in the future, participating in blogger events with other style bloggers, Native and non-native -as a way to connect our endeavor with a larger community. As long as we have fun, that’s imperative to a lasting relationship of any kind.


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