Wacey - NavajoWacey’s brightly colored native design inspired sweater, set him apart from the crowd at the Navajo Nation Fair. Clearly, making the cultural context interesting. After inquiry, this sweater was found at the bottom of his grandma’s closet among the ‘old clothes’ pile. The 1990s clothing label confirmed its ‘old’ age. After much back and forth, his little sister suggested he wear it – thanks Starla!

The sweater is only a piece of the puzzle here, Wacey sticks with 2 basic colors – black and red – while allowing the orange and turquoise colors to shine through with bits of white to highlight and balance the colors. The Wayfinder-esque shades and the cap add a touch of freshness to his look.

Wacey’s stylish persona was definitely seen at the Fair with this look. Today, that still holds true. Moreover, the combination of simplicity, affordability (FREE!!) and sustainability (re-used clothing) of this look, make its presence felt.

*Please keep copyright information on photos when reusing and redistributing. Thank you!

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