IMG_3363 This ensemble shined brighter than the moon on a recent crisp Flagstaff night. Ashley’s ensemble is an interesting mix of colors and textures. The shiny blazer is eye-catching as the floral printed scarf holds the attention. The variety of textures – cotton (scarf) on satin (blazer) on silk (top) – and accessories – cap, scarf, watch, and necklace – create versatility for this outfit.

The eclectic pairings allowed Ashley to nix the scarf and hat for a nice dinner with the family, leaning on the pearl necklace for a touch of class. Two hours later..she added the scarf and the hat for a look that allows her presence to exude amongst a night out with friends.

Ashley says she is constantly inspired by those around her – family, friends, people on the street, in the community, etc. Most notably, the placement of the scarf was inspired by her friend 4+ years ago. Coincidentally, the location of that scarf inspiration was just down the street of this photo capture.

3rdpostBAffordability is both a constraint and welcomed challenge for Ashley’s style. “Thank goodness for thrift stores and gifts” she says, in her $3 peach top from Savers, $7 jeans from Old Navy, and gifted hat, watch, and blazer.

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