pres·ence (/ˈprezəns/) – The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.

4.0 (/fôr/·/point/·/ō/) – A nod to the reverence and significance many Native communities feel for the number four, in tandem with acknowledging the technological impacts of the digital age.

presence 4.0 is centered on showcasing the ingenuity and creativity American Indian people utilize in styling themselves.  It documents our community’s participation in fashion by featuring individuals’ style and expression on the ground, off the streets, along the dirt road because it happens there every day.

presence 4.0 presents a challenge to expectations, both American Indian and non-American Indian people, have of what “Native” should look like. Noting the impressive way American Indian people integrate pieces of tribal identity as a means to say, “we are still here”, presence 4.0 is a beautiful resistance to the stereotypes and expectations society holds regarding representation of American Indian people. This blog counters the misguided representations of American Indian culture.

How can a true discussion about American Indian trends and fashion be discussed without knowing what current native peoples are wearing? presence 4.0 is a way to advocate for American Indian presence in style and fashion, but more so in the general scenes of American life.  This blog will represent a cross-section of positive depictions of American Indian people, as well as nurture our own awareness of cultural integration and evolution.

presence 4.0 is written and photographed through the viewpoints of a trio of young Navajo women, each representing a distinct experience of what it means to be American Indian today. Collectively, our view is an amalgamation of American Indian culture originating in the southwest.

presence 4.0 references the strong state of being each American Indian holds.  We write this blog as a way to explore this state of presence. We are not adopting the idea of “two world” tension but referencing the balance. In Navajo culture we reference this by the philosophy of hozhó, or the existence of harmony in our entire world. This balance as seen in the display of pride and identity.

As we explore and continue to define what presence 4.0 is, we will post street style shots taken from everyday life, style profiles, and continue showcasing the creative people we meet and see on our paths. We invite you on this journey with presence 4.0 and look forward to the dialogue this and future posts will spark.

Note: We will use American Indian, Native American, and Native as identifiers interchangeably throughout this blog because everyone identifies themselves uniquely.

2 thoughts on “presence 4.0 defined

  1. I just love your blog and the different styles I’ve seen so far. It is high time that people start seeing the modern “native” style that has always been here. Don’t worry, I still like the “traditional” style seen in old photos and powwows but even this black person knows that was never worn on an everyday basis.

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