pres·ence (/ˈprezəns/) – The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.

4.0 (/fôr/·/point/·/ō/) – A nod to the reverence and significance many Native communities feel for the number four, in tandem with acknowledging the technological impacts of the digital age.

presence 4.0 is centered on showcasing the ingenuity and creativity American Indian people utilize in styling themselves.  It documents our community’s participation in fashion by featuring individuals’ style and expression on the ground, off the streets, along the dirt road because it happens there every day.



All images and content copyright 2014 by presence 4.0. Redistribution and reproduction is permitted with written permission from presence 4.0. Credit to presence 4.0 when reproducing and redistributing photos.

3 thoughts on “About

    • When it comes to style, each person is going to have a different approach. The way they acquire clothes is part of this approach. And, his/her personal style will fit somewhat according to the way a person was raised. In my opinion, I hope that our photos/ posts will provide content for that type of conversation to take place. I feel the actual conversation will happen when we approach someone for a P4 post and he/she responds, “I dress this way to challenge capitalism.” 😉 (Side note to others: I had an actual conversation with Andrew about this topic a couple months ago. Truly, it was a fun chat.)

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