“It is more meaningful in Navajo” is what my mom says after trying to fully express herself in English and before switching to her first, and natural language. Her words rang true last night at the world premiere of Finding Nemo in Navajo – Nemo Há’déést’įį’.

The Nemo Há’déést’įį’ world premiere was held at Century Rio 24 Plex in Albuquerque, NM. Once through the doors, excitement was instantly heard and felt. It was also seen as attendees lined up to get their movie tickets. The ticket line was like a greeting line for families, friends, and relatives complete with handshakes, hugs, smiles, and hellos.


Before the film began, it was introduced by representatives from the Navajo Nation Museum, Walt Disney, and Pixar. Introductions highlighted how powerful the Navajo language is and that its continuance depends on everyone. That was emphasized with the presence of and standing ovation for Navajo Code Talker, David E. Patterson. More so, with an uproar of cheering when the Vice President of Creative at Disney, Rick Dempsey, said “now, we have a real American language version of Finding Nemo”.  What a way to set the stage for the second Navajo dubbed major motion picture to begin.

The film was both powerful and beautiful from beginning to end. It was definitely “more meaningful in Navajo”! The jokes were funnier, the dialogue was more dynamic, warnings were more serious, and the love was deeper.  One especially heartfelt moment was at the beginning of the film, when Marlin (Nemo’s father) spoke lovingly and dearly to an unborn Nemo. It wrapped the theater up in beauty and life.


Don’t pass on the chance to see the film between March 18-24, if you are near one of the select theaters, and stay until the credits for a nice melodic surprise!

Ahéheeʼ (Thank you)

  • Navajo Nation Museum for thinking outside the box!
  • Pixar and Disney for the chance to remake the film in Navajo.

Ntsaago Ahéheeʼ (BIG THX)

  • Navajo speakers for keeping our language fire burning!