“I think it’s important for Natives to be able to look to our own people for inspiration. It’s fun to share who you are with others…as it helps to build community,” says Alana Yazzie. Originally from Fruitland, New Mexico, Yazzie is blogger who runs the site The Fancy Navajo. Upon meeting Yazzie, it’s apparent that her cheery demeanor fully encapsulates her blog’s namesake.

A graduate of Marquette University, Yazzie moved to the Phoenix Valley with her husband taking a job in marketing. “We don’t have family or our base of friends here, so it was an interesting transition for us. However, thorough blogging and social media I’ve been able to connect more.” Noting how much she hopes people feel excited to see her craft ideas and recipes she shares on her blog and Instagram accounts. “It’s still really fun to have people want to follow me on-line

As we talked over coffee in downtown Phoenix, Yazzie explains how her venture into blogging was really a way for her to challenge herself to gain more marketing experience. Though it was a field she studied in college, she wanted to challenge herself to build her portfolio of work. In addition, she’s been the head of the business end of the Etsy shop Turquoise Hogan, which sells the jewelry of her husband Kyle Yazzie.


“I think my style is very whimsical, very girly and colorful.” Holding a fierce allegiance to polka dots Yazzie’s style is purely fun, feminine and incorporates Kate Spade, glitter and bows wherever possible. She also integrates lots of her husband’s jewelry. Include the silver and turquoise bracelet she wears with her green ruffled dress. “He made it for me as an early birthday before he left on a trip to Israel. He knew I was nervous about him being on the trip so the bracelet was a way for him to be close to me while he was out of country.”

“I think style evolves and grows. When I was little I was a tomboy, that’s not the case anymore,” she says with a laugh. As she continues to build her blog following and her career it’s obvious Yazzie is committed to remaining a positive and creative force, we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!