The beauty of connecting and creativity are being explored at the Heard Museum in an exhibition of inter-generational collaborations. Jaclyn Roessel, both Heard Museum professional and P4 lady, brings together artful duos made up of emerged and emerging Creatives. This must-see exhibit runs through April 17, 2016. Link: http://heard.org/exhibits/confluence/


These behind-the-scene photos highlight a recent Heard Museum fashion show that included works by Jared Yazzie (OXDX), Kristen Dorsey Designs, Darylene Martin, and Kevin Dakota Duncan. All were part of the opening for the exciting, new Heard Museum exhibit Confluence: Inter-generational Collaborations*. Jaclyn curated the night’s events and the exhibit! As well, she invited this Presence 4.0 lady to assist OXDX and Kristen Dorsey Designs in the night’s fashion show! I happily accepted the chance to assist in styling models. More specifically, it was great to have full stylist-like reign of Kristen’s jewelry, especially her wrap bracelets and shield necklaces, with Jared’s OXDX Clothing! Check the photos to see some close-up captures of some major #presencefour style.

But, personally, my favorite moment came at the end of the fashion show: The models lined up in the background (click through to photos to see them) proudly looking at Kevin Dakota Duncan hoop dancing to music mixed live by DJ Element (view the video for a glimpse). Then, I looked over to see Jaclyn in her biil (Navajo rug dress) taking it all in. It was a beautiful juxtaposition of Native creativity in Phoenix! Jaclyn did such a wonderful job on the exhibit and, even better, we all happily convened to partake in how she works to create these memorable Phoenix Native art moments.

*It is a trifecta of connecting community, education, and creativity!



Images and video by Presence 4.0, unless otherwise noted.

LINKS: More photos of the event from photographer Roshan Spottsville. And, Native People’s Magazine created this short video on Confluence which provide a sneak peek of the exhibit.