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“I didn’t realize how art was always something I did.” Whether it was signs for a junior high project or designing shirts for student council and a battle of the bands event in high school, Jared Yazzie’s passion for art was omnipresent prior to founding OXDX Clothing. “Art was always second until I could figure out it was what I wanted to do.”

Launched in 2009, while attending University of Arizona, OXDX Clothing was a continuous outlet for Yazzie to share his eye for fashion. His first run of shirts were sent out to print, but was supported well by his friends. “It’s funny because those designs were created using Microsoft paint. It was very low tech,” shares Yazzie half chuckling. A fashionable street wear line, OXDX has continued to deliver fresh designs incorporating elements of pop-culture with Yazzie’s Navajo identity.

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Originally from Holbrook, Arizona, Yazzie personal style includes, not surprisingly, a lot of t-shirts. “I am inspired by a lot of street style blogs. I am a big t-shirt guy and often it gets me in trouble…there have been times when going out with friends and I get denied at the club because I am wearing a tee.” The proud owner of lots of jewelry, thanks to his mom, Yazzie incorporates the jewelry – watches, necklaces – with his collection of limited edition tees like Johnny Cupcakes.  “I also really like shoes that look good dirty. I think that is true rez style, everything becomes practical.”

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Yazzie and I met at the screen print shop where he works full-time, managing well both his schedule there as a printer and as OXDX’s principal. Despite having just completed a 12-hour shift, Yazzie is his usual jovial self – talking with excitement about his upcoming solo event. His REDISCOVER NATIVE FASHION event will be held this Saturday, October 11, 5-9pm at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort  and will be the first time OXDX Clothing is headlining an event. OXDX is “the show and it’s exciting as I have done many events over the years where my clothes are treated like fillers. It’s now time for us to step.” REDISCOVER NATIVE FASHION is an event packed with notable designers – Shayne Watson and Marco Arviso and musical guests – Quese IMC, Ryan Dennison & D.N.A. gathering to celebrate the launch of OXDX’s fall line.

“I am looking forward to seeing old friends and everyone who comes out. Also our designs are pretty tripped out…they’ll stand out and are different, a lot because they are limited editions.” A brand which works to be unique, OXDX flaunts individuality and challenges people to support it as designs are continuously being rolled out replacing other looks. Yazzie anticipates the release of eight or nine designs including hoodies and some great new editions which incorporate the most colors he’s printed on a shirt before. “It’s going to be awesome.”

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Differing from fashion which as Yazzie notes is more about rules – the do’s and don’ts. “I learn and am interested in fashion and follow lots of designers. But I like style because there is no template.” It’s this undeterred individuality which continues to motivate Yazzie. Street wear as Yazzie describes hinges on self expression. “It’s about making yourself different and that is what I hope people understand about OXDX, we are raising the bar.”