Eclectic is defined as “a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”, according to the Oxford Dictionary.  If you look a little closer, you may see a photo of Chee next to this word.  If not, the dictionary people can ask presence 4.0 for photos.

At first introduction, Chee’s eclectic nature is outwardly displayed with his attire.  Words like scholarly, western, sporty, preppy, casual, (to name but a few) try to describe his style but none of them work individually.  It is a mixture of it all, and some.

The blue toned layered shirt, cardigan, and blazer create a modern casual feel and provide a great foundation for the accessories.  The beautifully crafted leather brown belt adds just enough western flair to make this outfit fascinating.  The circular wire-rimmed glasses feel like they could be from some older time, yet Chee wears them in a modern way.  Most surprising is how the running shoes simultaneously add a twist to and compliment the ensemble.

Chee, a poet and journalist, describes his style as “a mix of old school Navajo meets contemporary eclectic.”  We chatted about a diverse sort of topics – social justice, running, journalism, rez basketball tournaments, tribal governance, and of course, style.

Chee’s style is influence by a multitude of sources.  He finds inspiration off the street, from style blogs, in magazines, places he has lived, and from older people on the rez.  The gold mine though are “old pictures of Navajos” says Chee.  The time spent dialoging uncovered more of his style details: the grey striped accents on the blazer, the grey detailing and different fabric underneath the collar, a multicolored paisley scarf, and a thin silver necklace.

A second meet up further demonstrated Chee’s style and his word smithing abilities.  Check out a collection of his poems featured by Taos Journal of Art & Poetry.

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