It is the end of the 2013 Navajo Fairs season, plural on the word “Fair.” The season begins in early September and ends in mid-October. Guaranteed rides and guaranteed frybread! They occur in this order: Eastern Agency, in Crownpoint, NM; Central Agency, in Chinle, AZ; Fort Defiance Agency, in Window Rock, AZ; Utah Navajo communities, in Bluff, UT; Northern Agency, in Shiprock, NM; and, Western Agency, in Tuba City, AZ.

It had been years since I last attended a Navajo Fair. The 2005, or 2006, Shiprock Fair was a mix of dusty carnival lines and late night Yei-be-chei dances. While I don’t remember the correct year, it was a memorable time. So, this year I decided to attend the Fort Defiance Agency Fair in Window Rock. This fair is known for its parade so I had to wake super early. I knew people camp out along the main road stretching from Window Rock to St. Micheals; this ensures a good spot to view the parade and to grab candy. This stretch of road also provides a great opportunity for people watching and taking photos.

I had the opportunity to meet two groups of people who exuded picture perfect style along the parade route. First, I met Daryl, Rosina, and Alfina, all originally from Pinon, AZ, but they currently live in Phoenix. Rosina’s sassy orange “I ❤ Haters” socks with black and white emsemble caught my eye. Later, Jeremy and Dierdre’s son Deron holding a floral umbrella was enough to make me stop and take notice of their cute family. Upon closer inspection, I saw Deirdre’s Marco Arviso silver stamp and abalone shell earrings. Check their shots below-

Later in the day, I ran into Dan, Kevin and Jessica, and Alexandra. Dan exuded a chill demeanor with his vintage Daily Flash t-shirt. (I love the closer shot of him with other Fair-goers behind him, check it out below.) Kevin and Jessica were an adorable couple as you can see. I approached them after seeing her overall casual, cool outfit (check the rhinestone giraffe pendant necklace). Jessica’s bag reminded me of the familiar geometric designs of Navajo rugs also seen on Alexandra’s shoulder. Speaking of Alexandra, she had a classic black outfit accented with subtle turquoise earrings and a floral bandanna. Simply beautiful! 

The full day and night spent at the Fair brought out a plethora of interesting people and fun conversations. I had my fair share of family, social media acquaintances, and old buddy run-ins; it was amazing. That mutton frybread with green chili was delicious!  I felt my attendance at the Window Rock Navajo Nation Fair was an experience to be had, from the carnival rides to the cultural events like the Miss Navajo Pageant. And, this was only one Fair of many Navajo Fairs?! I’m pulling up my sleeves for next year and, now, I have a goal to attend three Fairs for 2014. I’m thinking Fort Defiance, Northern and Western Fairs. What do you think?

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