There were many events that surrounded the Heard Market in March. The captures below depict some of the extraordinary creativity found during the weekend’s festivities. Each comes with personal stories, adding to the value of the outfits.

Cameron got his foulard (aka scarf) from his great grandmother, and now doubles it as a belt. JT Willie’s handcrafted necklace is made of dimes. A tribute to the materials used by Navajo silversmiths when silver wasn’t available, usually from soldiers’ coins and jacket buttons. Melissa Barnes custom builds hats from scratch, including painting and beading them. Ernie’s one-of-a-kind gift from a friend, makes it impossible for him to even think of selling his Blue Bird vest. Even though he has been made an offer many a times. And, Shawn learned to push the envelope with his style while taking pride in who he is from his father and grandfather – his father would press his pants daily and his grandfather would wear white jeans on the rez. Also influencing Shawn’s meticulous and clean cut nature.

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