This post shares with you a short personal account and photo outtakes from the perspective of each P4 lady: Jaclyn, Chelsea, and Nanibaa


I love planning events. Much of my day job centers around it, what makes it exciting is the element of suspense and torture as you wait for guests to arrive. This was our first party and with any party or event I’ve thrown, the haunting thought of no one showing up is scary.

Fortunately for our debut the only thing we had to worry about was fitting every one into the room. P4 has been an adventure. The event was incredible. To feel the love from friends – family really. To be joined together to recognize the creativity of the Beyond Buckskin designers as well as stylish folks taking in the scene. The event is easily a top moment of my year. One cannot express what it means when you have other people recognize the value of your vision. So my reflection of BBB x P4 closes with nothing but love and gratitude to all who gave support.


“Welcome to PHX, where all your wildest dreams come true” was what the flight attendant left me with as I made my way through the airport. Boy, was she right! My dream of someday incorporating community, music, art, and style came true the night of the event. Actually, it was more than I ever dreamed it would be.

The style on and off the runway was impressive, the wearable art was breathtaking, the music spoke to my soul, and the community kept me smiling all night. Photographing those in the audience and eventually being an audience member myself (when the show started) inspired me to challenge my creativity and expression through my own style and in my future presence 4.0 blog posts. This is one of those few times in my life that I can say that my reality was better than my dream – I humbly thank you all for that.


The night before the BBB x P4 event, we met with Jessica to go over the upcoming show logistics. From this meeting, I stressed one important detail: Charge your iPhones. Simple, right? Amid the preparations for the day’s event, I forgot to give my phone a time-out and charge it before the show began. And, my phone died halfway through the event! I laughed at my mistake and learned a lesson about the limits of battery life: “One must chargeth the iPhoneth.”

Some of my outtakes are blurry but you can see the other photographers and the overall fun atmosphere of the event. My favorite illustrates last-minute ingenuity. The dressing room didn’t have a door and needed to be blocked. We found a board and Jessica made a quick phone call to Andrea Preston. The capture is the board covered by a Pendleton blanket, courtesy of Andrea, leaned against a chair. Problem solved.


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