BBBxP4’s event involved 7 hours of preparation filled with volunteers helping to recreate RA Studio space, models getting their hair, makeup, and outfit coordination under control, and artists and designers preparing their creations for the runway. All the while, everyone was in stylish form.

Volunteer Kimberleigh showed up hours before the event ready to help. She also had a second outfit ready for showtime, which unfortunately was not captured but definitely was capturable. Models Amber and Jacob also had photo worthy outfits. Amber’s shoes were by far one of the favorites of the evening. Artist Andrea simply stood out with her bright coral shirt, which was balanced with her black shoes and skirt. Andrea was integral to BBBxP4, as her creations made their way down the runway more than a few times. Her beautifully and thoughtfully crafted pieces of wearable art can be found on her Etsy site or at Beyond Buckskin Boutique. Also, her creations can be seen on the home page as the thumbnail photo for this post.


As showtime neared, people from many different backgrounds, generations, and professions began taking their places along the runway. Just as presence 4.0 hoped and excitedly predicted, people in the audience were on point in styling themselves from head to toe. BBBxP4 was well attended by more than 150 people and very much in Southwest fashion, as many tribal nations were represented – Salt River Pima, Salish and Kootenai, Hopi, Turtle Mountain Chippewa, and Apache, to name but a few.


Some notable and style forward attendees included photographer Thosh Collins (Thoshography), Patti Hibbeler (Director of Phoenix Indian Center), artist/designer Jeremy Arviso (Nobel Savage and RVSO DSGN), and aspiring designer LivAndrea Knoki.

Thosh’s black on black shirt and cardigan combination was genius.  The buttons and hood add just a touch more to this combination, as his neatly fixed hairstyle wrapped up this clean and straightforward ensemble very well. Take a look at his newly revamped website to see his amazing work.

Patti incorporated traditional pieces into her modern wear seamlessly. Her neutral color coordinated outfit set the stage for the gorgeous beaded necklace and silver and turquoise earrings she wore. While, Jeremy’s greyscale color range worked well to show off his own graphic creation, “Original Landlord”. Visit Noble Savage to see more of Jeremy’s creations.

LivAndrea’s mixture of prints was eye catching and her accessories kept the eyes dancing around; her jewelry’s mix of colors, textures, and mediums was a bold move that worked well for her. Then the eye stopped to take in her purse, her own design and handiwork. The sliver work with her name cutout, insets of turquoise and coral pieces, the hand woven buckskin strap, and the native design printed fabric left her exquisite work of art to be admired for the rest of the night.

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