Mr.Mrvl – urban tribe XFRX          (Chief Roxx/Chief Rockers)

It was just a matter of time before Mr.Mrvl made his way to presence 4.0! This Albuquerque native is pretty well known for his unique sense of style and is no stranger to being recognized for his style of dress.

PAST: flashback to 2009..7th Annual Breakin’ Hearts event (“one of the largest Hip-Hop events in the Southwest”), Mr.Mrvl was recognized as being the “Freshest Dressed” in a theater full of very stylish bgirls, bboys, DJs, graf artists, MCs, and Hip-Hop heads.

PRESENT: Still today, he is freshly styled in this texture rich, neutral toned, superbly layered wardrobe. His style is a reflection of his diverse taste in music and his artistry as a DJ and dancer. This ensemble in particular is an interpretation of his love for Hip-Hop. The acid washed jeans, thick gold chain, Nike High Tops, and Kangol-esque hat are reminiscent of the early days of Hip-Hop in the 80s, of which “the classic, old school bboy look” is Mr.Mrvl’s biggest inspiration. The sweater and vest add a touch of modern flavor. His love of Hip-Hop is also heard in his DJ’d sets and seen in his movements as a bboy.

Mr.Mrvl also attributes inspiration to his hometown and shares this local secret: “my favorite place in Burque is the Indian School ditch. Miles and miles of Sonic the Hedgehog like fun on your choice of wheels. My weapon of choice is a skateboard but a bike or blades are doable too. Just remember to wear a helmet.”

Mr.Mrvl - traditional tribe, Pueblo of Santa Clara, San Juan, Laguna, & Isleta

Mr.Mrvl – traditional tribe Pueblo of Santa Clara, San Juan, Laguna, & Isleta

FUTURE: Mr.Mrvl is further acknowledged as a style inspiration in the Albuquerque area by being selected to judge the upcoming “Freshest Dressed in the House” competition at this year’s 11th Annual Breakin’ Hearts event (see http://www.facebook.com/events/517112831646880/ for more information about this amazing event).

*Refer to copyright information in the ABOUT section.

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